Zenith X
Zenith X

Zenith X

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Part Number:WHE00082.

  • Protection against side, front, and rear impacts
  • Universal-adjustable ratchet system and chin strap
  • Accessory clips and slots for Kask helmet accessories
  • Hydrocool moisture-wicking technology

Welcome to the next generation Zenith helmet. The Kask Zenith X Helmet was designed with feedback in mind. It boasts increased protection, comfort, durability, technology, and performance over the original Kask Zenith. With protection against side, front, and rear impacts, shock energy absorption capacity, penetration resistance, retention system strength, and retention system effectiveness, you'll know you'll be getting the best helmet Kask can make. The suspension ratchet system has been updated to be easier than ever to adjust fit and the moisture-wicking interior is infused with silver ion to help deodorize. It comes in 13 different colors.


  • Meets ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class E, EN 12492 Clauses,,, 4.2.2, 4.2.3, and 4.2.4
  • 1.08 lbs
  • Adjustable from 20.5 - 24.8 inches
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • 10 Year Shelf Life
  • Made in Italy

Available Colors:

  • White (WHE00082.201)
  • Yellow (WHE00082.202)
  • Orange (WHE00082.203)
  • Red (WHE00082.204)
  • Green (WHE00082.205)
  • Blue (WHE00082.208)
  • Black (WHE00082.210)
  • Grey (WHE00082.215)

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