Singing Tree Rope Wrench Zk-2
Singing Tree Rope Wrench Zk-2

Singing Tree Rope Wrench Zk-2

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Part Number:RP280

The Singing Tree Rope Wrench (STRW) is used to create a ‘bend’ in the rope, above the climber’s hitch. With the addition of a stiff tether, the STRW created a 'contained double rope system', on a single line of rope.  This contained double rope system travels with the climber as they move around the tree, allowing a consistent level of friction on the hitch, which is impossible to achieve in double rope climbing.

Color Options:  (all with Grey Wheel)  Red, Black, Purple, Orange, Grey, Gold.  The Rope Wrench Pulley is also available in these colors.

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The Stiff Tether can be purchased separately.

  • Weight (grams):128
  • Weight (ounces):5
  • Compatible with Rope Diameter Range:11-13mm (7/16-1/2")
  • Main Wheel Color:Grey
  • Body Material:Aluminum
  • Wheel Material:Aluminum
  • Body Finish:Anodized
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