RED Back-up Device, with Fixed Cord
RED Back-up Device, with Fixed Cord

RED Back-up Device, with Fixed Cord

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Part Number:RP891A1

Important for Rope Access work techniques as they stipulate that the back-up device should be positioned so as to reduce fall factors to a minimum.

The RED makes use of 'Rotational Braking'- the more the device rotates clockwise, the greater the build up of friction, which provides the automatic braking in the event of a fall or sudden pull on the Cows-tail.

Other Versions: To increase the effectiveness of the Rotational Brake in a panic situation (for example, a main-line failure), the RED can be fitted with a 'Popper' tow cord release clip. For further information on the Popper clip version, see RP892A1. They also manufacture a RED without a cord, see RP890A1.

  • Height (mm):88
  • Width (mm):86
  • Thickness (mm):28
  • Weight (grams):202
  • Compatible wih Rope Diameter Range:10.5-11mm (approved ropes only)
  • Attachment Hole Diameter (mm):18
  • Number of Persons:2
  • Body Material:Aluminum
  • Cam Material:Aluminum
  • Body Finish:Anodized
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