Pinto Rig Pulley
Pinto Rig Pulley

Pinto Rig Pulley

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Part Number:PUL120

With hardly a straight line in sight, the hot forged curves and fairlead flares of DMM's Pinto Pulley make for an ultra efficient, ‘textile friendly’ environment.

Clip, hitch, splice or thread the anchor holes or the beckett to give numerous work and rescue configurations (textile attachments can help minimize any torsional build up in closed systems).
Slightly larger than the Pinto and accommodating a larger rope size, the Pinto Rig also has a high efficiency roller bearing giving ultra smooth operation.
Spacers are available to support the anchor holes when textile connecting elements compress the side plates.

  • Weight (grams):159
  • Strength:50kN
  • WLL:10kN
  • Compatible with Rope Diameter Range:Max 16mm
  • Dimensions:96 x 45 x 38mm
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