DMM Ultra O Locksafe Colourpack
DMM Ultra O Locksafe Colourpack

DMM Ultra O Locksafe Colourpack

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Part Number:A327-P3

The ultra light, clean nose DMM Ultra O oval carabiners are the mainstay of the DMM carabiner market, and for good reason. Not only do they give high strength to weight ratios and feel great in the hand, they also help to keep components of a system aligned. The deep symmetrical basket allows pulleys, webbing, ropes and even other carabiners naturally sit centrally in the oval basket but still allow easy stacking of components on either side. Any weight transfer then happens without any unnerving jumps associated with offset and D shaped carabiners.

The DMM Multipacks are a simple and convenient way of identifying components within any system. They are ideal for the training market to aid component identification from a distance, as well as being convenient for work teams and individuals in the safe organization and operation of fall protection systems. The Locksafe triple action model is a perfect companion to the DMM Hitch Climber Triple Attachment and Pinto pulley ranges.

  • Weight (grams):219
  • Strength:25kN (Gate Closed)
  • Gate Opening Gap (mm):22
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