DMM Shadow Locksafe Colourpack
DMM Shadow Locksafe Colourpack

DMM Shadow Locksafe Colourpack

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Part Number:A307-P3

The DMM Shadow offset D is the most compact locking connector in DMM's Professional range and it is impressively strong for it’s size and weight. Perfect in any confined space or tower climbing situation where the overall weight and size of a system is crucial, the Shadow gives plenty security reserves whilst feeling featherweight on a harness or in a bag. Hot forged I-beam back for increased strength to weight ratios. The DMM Multipacks are a simple and convenient way of identifying components within any system. They are ideal for the training market to aid component identification from a distance, as well as being convenient for work teams and individuals in the safe organization and operation of fall protection systems.

  • Weight (grams):174
  • Strength:24kN (Gate Closed)
  • Gate Opening Gap (mm):17
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