Chainsaw retractable lanyard SNAKE
Chainsaw retractable lanyard SNAKE

Chainsaw retractable lanyard SNAKE

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Part Number:1580ACRL

This is not a fall protection system

HiiGARD’s SNAKE CRL is a unique patented chain saw retractable system with a PVC-coated steel wire. When pulling the cable out the action is smooth without jerking or locking. The ergonomic design responds to the repeated action and enables a safer access to the equipment. The swivel connector will prevent twisting of the cable and the equipment. The retractable lanyard features a 2″ ring designed to hook the equipment when not in use. The lanyard between the cable and the equipment features a tear strap system. This system will deploy at an impact force of 102kg (225lb). 


  • Housing: Rubberized ABS
  • Wire: Stainless steel
  • Length: 127cm (50'')
  • Lanyard: Polyester
  • Impact force needed for deployment: 102kg (225lb or 1kN)

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