Braided Safety Blue Split Tail
Braided Safety Blue Split Tail

Braided Safety Blue Split Tail

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Braided Safety Blue®trendsetter among 16-strand climbing ropes. It combines features that ensure unparalleled safety, ergonomics, and durability. As a full 12.7 mm rope, Braided Safety Blue® goes easy on your hands. This allows you to work longer and avoid injury. 

Where durability is concerned, Braided Safety Blue‘s® design and detailed workmanship are unrivaled. The additional step of plying the yarns in the strands results in a firmer, rounder, and more durable strand. Other 16-strand ropes skip this step, which makes them more susceptible to abrasion and thus also shortens their life spans. (Girth Eye Available Upon Request, Hand Splice Only)

Color Options:   HiVee, UltraVee, White (Safety Blue), @Height Safety Blue, TVee

Length is 5 feet.

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